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How to Face an Acting Audition


How to Face an Acting Audition

On occasion, A Director may wish to talk to you after your technical performance. While many professionals think about the actorís performance more heavily, the interview is still very important. Whatever you do, donít "act" during an interview. Be yourself. Be professional and courteous. Present yourself well, in terms of both dress and behavior. Feel free to answer any questions that are put to you in an honest way, but be careful of talking too much.

Auditions for which you are handed a script and asked to perform a scene are called "cold reads." Many actors fear this type of audition because they feel they do not have time to prepare. There are ways of preparing for these types of auditions, however! If you already know the piece you're auditioning from, find it in a library or bookstore and read it ahead of time. Get to know your character. If the piece is an un produced script, your Director will most likely give you a brief background of your character. Here's where all your human observation skills are put to the test, so it's best to start honing them now! Overall, be positive: Cold reads can often be thrilling experiences, as you don't run the risk of being over-prepared or burned out.

Always come prepared to a reading. Make sure that you know the material that you have been given beforehand. If necessary, ask related questions about the character you are about to portray. It's expected you have done your homework, so keep any questions brief. You don't want the Director's time to be wasted. If you are given direction during or after a read, follow it exactly, even if you disagree with it. Directors sometimes work in mysterious ways, so it's best to walk out.

Unfortunately Your Acting Audition Fails ?

Donít panic if one Audition goes bad...and donít let one bad Audition spoil the next one. Youíll be meeting a lot of Directors and casting directors throughout your acting career. Having one bad experience with an auditor does not mean that youíll always have a bad experience. remember that every experience makes you a stronger performer, a stronger artist. Take an objective look at what went wrong and make note of it in order to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Above all, remember you're human! Kicking yourself too much is just as damaging to your art as being arrogant.

Think is it ok to meet that Director or Casting Director again? You should only go back if you have shown improvement in some way. This can be either through additional training or additional acting experience. If the auditor previously offered any feedback, show that you have taken his/her advice to heart and incorporated it in to your acting. You should be able to show that your acting skills have evolved and improved since your last meeting. It is possible he may cast you in any other future project.

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