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Portfolio and Directors Mentality

Portfolio and Directors Mentality

An Aspiring model or Actor coming out of Acting School or Acting Institute rush to get there Portfolio or Headshots clicked and as soon as they get Photos in hand they start distributing to all Production houses but they forget they key part which is very important, only few models keep in mind the taste  color, match, and composition of there desired Director or Production Company, even the framing counts, the more you get closer to the concept, the more you are likely to be cast, following the mentality of a Director earn quick and instant results.

So when the next time you go for a Portfolio or headshot, keep in mind few things, discuss you concept with the photographer and few trusted friends, get there opinion, this will improve your results, and nothing is better if you get an appointment or few moments with your favorite Director to meet and discuss about your career.

Questions such as "how my headshots or portfolio should be?", "what kind of rolls should is go for?", what age should I play?", "what kind of roll are ideal for me?". keep importance for your Acting and Modeling career, A well experience Director may answer your them suitably.

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