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An Actors life and Goals

Acting is a full time profession, required lots of planning, efforts, goals, It is good to write your plans. Writing down your goals and then reviewing them on a regular basis can make a major difference to your life.

The review of your written goals is very important, as you need to keep yourself focused on what you want to achieve and it also helps to have some way of measuring whether you are making progress.

Look at your Professional life now. Are you drifting along, getting good roles, working for reputed production houses, are you a choice of  talented directors and script writers, living each day but with no real target about where you want to go?

It seems to be a human thing, are you more focused on where your girlfriend/boyfriend is going, and doing, or waisting your time in search of latest mobile phone model , I-pod, Laptop, and other luxury items, rather than thinking about where we want to take ourselves in our life.

Time is ticking away. You can’t buy time, all you can do is look at how you spend it. With a goal written down, you are telling your brain that there’s something that you want to accomplish.

Get a piece of paper now and write down goals you’d like to achieve such as "working with top film director", "playing your dream role", "impressing a scriptwriter to write a story by keeping you in mind", "modeling for your favorite product", "getting cast opposite your favorite Actor or Actress", etc.

Have a think about who might be able to support you achieving this goal e.g. your best friend, your modeling agency, partner, family member. Pick someone who is positive after all you want someone who’s going to cheer you on, not pour cold water over everything.

It’s easier to have a team of supporters cheering you on than it is to try and take on the whole thing yourself.

Look at your goal events list and pick one action that will move you nearer to your goal and go and do it may be worth starting off with some of the easier ones, as they normally take less time and they also help to build your confidence.

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