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 Nana Patekar (JamActor of India)



Nana Patekar (Indian Film Actor)



Nana Patekar real name Vishwanath Patekar, Nana Patekar was born 1 January 1951 in Maharashtra. He is an Indian actor and filmmaker.

Like most actors, Nana began his career with Marathi theatre. N. Chandra was so impressed with his intensity in the play 'Purush' that he signed him for 'Ankush', a low- budget movie with unknown faces. The film, however did not help boost Nana's career in any way.

It was with Vinod Chopra's 'Parinda', which earned him the National award, that Nana became a force to reckon with. And with his subsequent films like 'Prahaar', which he directed himself, 'Tiranga', 'Krantiveer' and 'Agni Sakshi', he established himself as one the most talented actors.

Nana is known to be brusque and arrogant. It is rumored that producers are wary of signing him for their films because of his reputation of being arrogant, hot-headed and a difficult star to work with. "I am more important to myself," Nana says. "If I'm not happy about something I will not do it. And I am very honest and frank and most of the people in the industry cannot digest that fact. Besides, it is me who has been refusing films. And that is because I sign a film only if I like the script."

Unlike many, Nana detests the idea of doing more than two to three films at a time. "It amazes me how people can switch on and off within seconds. I have to be involved with a film. Anyway, what am I going to get after doing so many films? Money? I don't give much importance to money anyway."

This seems a little contradictory since Nana is said to have hiked his fee after every film. "But I still maintain that money is not important to me at all. But tell me why shouldn't I hike my price. Today, people are approaching me because I am successful. If the producers are selling a film on my name, shouldn't I get my share from them?" he reasons. "But when I demand my price, I also indulge in a lot of social and charity work with the money."

Which is a fact no one can deny. On one of his visits to his village, he had seen an ancient, dilapidated ruin, which he learnt was the burial place of Eshwari bai, who played a very important historical role in the Peshwa period. Nana immediately called for a meeting in the village and drew out a plan and an estimate of how much money would be required to restore the monument. He did Shows and the money that was raked in, was directed there. On another occasion, there was a certain hotel group that needed Nana to inaugurate a hotel. Nana demanded a lakh of rupees. Initially they refused and went away. Later they agreed and the cheque that was given to Nana was handed over to an institution for the handicapped on the spot.

Patekar has also done some playback singing in the films Yeshwant (1997), Wajood (1998) and Aanch (2003).

He is the only actor ever to win Filmfare Awards in the Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Villain categories.

Awards :

1990 - Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award, Parinda
1990 - National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor, Parinda
1992 - Filmfare Best Villain Award, Angaar
1995 - Filmfare Best Actor Award, Krantiveer
1995 - Star Screen Award Best Actor, Krantiveer
1995 - National Film Award for Best Actor, Krantiveer
1997 - National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor, Agni Sakshi
2005 - Filmfare Best Villain Award, Apaharan
2005 - Star Screen Award Best Villain, Apaharan


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