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 Dimple Kapadia (JamActor of India)



Dimple Kapadia (Indian Film Actor)


Dimple Kapadia was born on June 8, 1957. Dimple Kapadia is an Indian film actress who appears in Bollywood films. Ms. Kapadia was born the elder daughter of Gujarati entrepreneur Chunnibhai Kapadia and his wife Betty. She was known for her glamorous looks, sex appeal and challenging roles. She has done variety of roles spanning from sex symbol icon of Bobby and Saagar to serious roles in Rudaali.

She was discovered by Raj Kapoor, who introduced her in the 1973 movie Bobby. She was only sixteen at the time. That pretty face looking askance at the young intruder into her house in Bobby isn't easily forgotten. And the sensuous ingenue with her short skirts and the ill-concealed bosom had quite a few hearts thumping away faster, among them that of the boy who played her paramour, besides the superstar of the time. 

Ms. Kapadia had married actor Rajesh Khanna six months before the release of her first film, Bobby. She then retired from acting for twelve years to raise her daughters Twinkle Khanna and Rinke Khanna.

After a divorce, she returned to the film industry in 1985, in the film Saagar, where she once again appeared opposite her Bobby co-star, Rishi Kapoor. Saagar featured a brief topless scene for Ms. Kapadia, which was very controversial at the time.

She appeared in many movies throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. She won the National Film Award for Best Actress portrayal of her role in Rudaali. She was praised for her performance as an alcoholic in Dil Chahta Hai in 2001. In 2005 she once again starred with Rishi Kapoor in Pyaar Mein Twist. This was twenty years since their last on-screen pairing, and thirty-two years since their first. In 2006 she starred in her first English-language film Being Cyrus.

 Awards :

1973 - Filmfare Best Actress Award, Bobby
1985 - Filmfare Best Actress Award, Saagar
1993 - National Film Awards for Best Actress, Rudaali
1993 - Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance, Rudaali
1994 - Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award, Krantiveer

Filmography :

Banaras - A Mystic Love Story (2006)
Being Cyrus (2006)
Pyaar Mein Twist (2005)
Hum Kaun Hai? (2004)
Leela (2002)
Dil Chahta Hai (2001)
Hum Tum Pe Marte Hain (1999)
Laawaris (1999)
2001 (1998)
Mrityudaata (1997)
Agni Chakra (1997)
Share Bazaar (1997)
Antareen (1994)
Krantiveer (1994)
Pathreela Raasta (1994)
Gardish (1993)
Aaj Kie Aurat (1993)
Gunaah (1993)
Rudaali (1993)
Dil Aashna Hai (1992)
Karm Yodha (1992)
Angaar (1992)
Ranbhoomi (1991)
Ajooba (1991)
Dushman Devta (1991)
Khoon Ka Karz (1991)
Haque (1991)
Mast Kalandar (1991)
Naramsimha (1991)
Prahaar: The Final Attack (1991)
Lekin (1990)
Pyaar Ki Naam Qurbaan (1990)
Aag Ka Gola (1990)
Drishti (1990)
Jai Shiv Shankar (1990)
Kali Ganga (1990)
Pati Parmeshwar (1990)
Ladaai (1989)
Shehzaade (1989)
Sikka (1989)
Batwara (1989)
Touhean (1989)
Action (1989)
Ram Lakhan (1989)
Ganga Tere Desh Mein (1988)
Zakhmi Aurat (1988)
Mahaveera (1988)
Kabzaa (1988)
Aakhri Adaalat (1988)
Bees Saal Baad (1988)
Gunahon Ka Faisla (1988)
Mera Shikar (1988)
Saazish (1988)
Kaash (1987)
Insaniyat Ke Dushman (1987)
Insaaf (1987)
Janbaaz (1986)
Allah Rakha (1986)
Vikram (1986)
Arjun (1985)
Aitbaar (1985)
Lavaa (1985)
Pataal Bhairavi (1985)
Saagar (1985)
Manzil Manzil (1984)
Zakhmi Sher (1984)
Bobby (1973)



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