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 Celina Jaitley (JamActor of India)



Celina Jaitley (Indian Film Actor)



Celina Jaitley was born on 9 June 1981.She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, but grew up in Kolkata, India. Her father is an army officer and her mother, Meeta Jaitley is an Afghani and an ex-beauty queen. She has one brother, who is serving in the Indian army. She has said that when she was young, she wanted to join the army herself, either as a doctor or a pilot.

She is a B Com graduate. Currently working as a model. Have also worked as a marketing executive for a reputed telecom company, she produced the highest monthly sales when she was working for a telecom company.

She was a finalist in the Miss Universe 2001 contest. In addition to her Miss India win, Celina has won the Miss Margo Beautiful skin, Indiatimes Surfer's Choice, and MTV's Most Wanted awards.

Bollywood beauty Celina Jaitley has as many as five pets.

She may have the phobia of butterflies, but Celina is very fond of pets.

Celina recently got herself a new pet, a very small and cute puppy that she has named Tea Cup. The puppy is said to be no larger than Celina’s both hands put together and sometimes the actress even slips it into her loose pocket. What more, Celina even dresses up this small puppy.

Besides Tea Cup, Celina has a number of other pets. These include a white Labrador called Pub Trooper, a cocker spaniel named Heineken and other pets named Shitzu and Pepe.

Celina shares this fondness for pets with her good friend Lara Dutta . Celina and Lara worked together in last year’s hit comedy film No Entry .

Celina and Lara even have plans to keep lots of puppies at a big farmhouse someday.

Celina says, “this dream will fulfill one day.”

Celina Jaitley struck a friendship with Preity Zinta on a recent world tour.


Khel (2003),
Janasheen (2003),
Silsiilay (2005),
No Entry (2005),
Jawani Diwani—A Youthful Joyride (2006),
Zinda (2006),
Tom Dick And Harry (2006),
Apna Sapna Money Money (2006),
Unusual Love Story (2006) (To Go On Floor)
Kaash Tumse Mohabbat Na Hoti (2006) (To Go On Floor),
Idiot (2006) (Stuck/On Hold)
Dulha Mil Gaya 2 (2007) (announced),
No Entry II (2007) (announced),
Dulha Mil Gaya (2007) (announced),
Shakalaka Boom Boom (February 16, 2007) (Under Production)
Hey Baby (filming)
Red (January 2007) (To Go On Floor)
One Night (film) (2007) (To Go On Floor)

She won the Kalakar award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the hit No Entry.



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